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Empowering Women in Business-Copy

Mar 30, 2021

A dialogue with Mrs. Ponlok Malis, owner of Champa Donroeun Restaurant in Prey Veng, who is well known for her cuisine, especially the fried pork legs at the restaurant. A hard-working successful businesswoman finding her niche in the food industry.

1. How did you get started as a businesswoman? And what were the challenges you face and need to overcome to get started?
I took over this business from my parents who initially only sells soup out from our home in 2000. The biggest challenge then was not having enough working capital to expand my business or to hire kitchen helpers. However, my family and I continue to run this small cottage food business with what we have. It was tough for me to manage practically everything by ourselves from doing food groceries to cooking, washing dishes, running tables, taking orders, serving customers and cash collections. A typical day would begin at 5am and end as late as 9pm as operating hours excluding closing/cleaning up which can usually last will 11pm. It was exhausting and tiring but I guess if a person is determine and enjoy what they do, it is rewarding as well.