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Amret and MAFF use The Latest Digital Technology

Mar 26, 2021

Amret Microfinance Institution Plc and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) have teamed up to use digital technology to empower rural farmers. Together they rolled out on Monday the Agriculture Market Mobile App – known as the CAMAgriMarket app – which will bring farmers, buyers, sellers, and all other stakeholders together on a common digital platform to better promote agri-business and make agriculture a more sustainable and lucrative sector.
Meach Yady, the head of the Agricultural Marketing Office at MAFF, and Alan Wee, the chief commercial officer of Amret Microfinance Institution Plc, share their views on their partnership.

Meach Yady: Due to the explosive growth of smartphone and internet use in Cambodia in recent years, it is timely for the ministry to have developed the CAMAgriMarket mobile app, which serves to promote quick and easy access to agricultural market information by farmers, traders and other stakeholders involved in the agricultural supply chain. This information will enable users of the app to source buyers and sellers for products, optimize prices, and build valuable networks of contacts through their smartphones. The CAMAgriMarket app is a wide-ranging tool for facilitating trade, making it easy for buyers and sellers to come together by providing their details. It also provides the prices of a host of agricultural products – such as poultry, fish, fruits, cereals, meats, fertilizers, pesticides and processed agricultural products and other items such as farming tools..